The Ultimate Kayak Buying Place – Brooklyn Kayak Company-Reviews

Want to buy a new kayak and have problems with the previous one? Do you know why it happens? When you purchase something after research but after using it for months, you realize that the kayak quality is not as good as it seems at first.

To get a quality kayak at an affordable price, you must have to do proper research. As you have landed to read the Brooklyn kayak company reviews, we will cover you up.

Remember that sometimes a good description and review of the product is not the guarantee of quality. Maybe the reason for low quality is the substandard material used by the company while manufacturing.

Ever wonder why people prefer to buy a product from a well-known and trustworthy company rather than a new one? It is because everyone wants to spend their money on a worthwhile product.

Brooklyn Kayak Company Reviews

A well-known company is a guarantee for high-quality merchandise. Below we’ll tell you about the Brooklyn Kayak Company if you are thinking of buying a new kayak from this famous company.

So, please stick with us till the end of the article. You will find out whether to buy a kayak from Brooklyn or not. Let’s start the Brooklyn kayak company review with its overview without any further ado.


Brooklyn is one the famous company which is renowned for its kayak. The quality they offer with the kayak is value for money.

They have a wide range of kayaks, and each is different in terms of features and capability. This is good because you can pick any kayak, whichever suits you.

You might be thinking of how they may have the best product? Well, there is an exciting background story which you can read below.

Only a person who loves fishing and water life know the value of a kayak. The founder of the Brooklyn kayak company grew up enjoying fishing in New York. However, when the owner decided to search for a perfect kayak, he found nothing near perfect.

That’s when the founder decided to start a brand that provides the best quality and all features that a purchaser wants. In short, Brooklyn provides the ideal kayak so you can connect with nature and enjoy the incredible fishing or water life experience. Here is the article recommended for you providing you the insight in choosing sit-in vs sit-on kayak.

Features of Company’s Products

Following are the features that almost every kayak of Brooklyn company provides.

Solid Build

Everyone knows that kayaking is the best adventurous activity, but it is also a little risky. After all, the adventure is related to water, and anything can happen in case of carelessness. That’s why a solid kayak is essential so everyone can enjoy the venture without worrying about safety.

With Brooklyn company kayaks, you don’t have to worry about the material quality. They use high-quality material while manufacturing to make solid build kayaks. Here is the article recommended for you that will highlight for you the material specification in building a solid build kayak.

Storage Capacity is Great

According to you, what is the most important thing on a trip? If you’re thinking about the equipment you’ll carry on the trip, you’re right. You can’t go kayaking without necessary equipment like a first aid box, life jacket, torch, gears, extra clothes, food, water, etc.

It is impossible to survive on a more extended kayaking trip without the equipment I mentioned above. And to carry all these things you need a kayak which offers excellent storage capacity.

That’s the point where Brooklyn kayaks shine by providing a generous amount of storage capacity in their kayaks.

Comfort Level

It’s a fact that no one wants to go on a trip where they don’t even have a comfortable seat. Comfort level is a pivotal aspect when it comes to an adventurous trip. In short, you can’t enjoy anything without relaxation.

One needs many things to relax while kayaking, such as a big kayak where you can easily stretch yourself, a comfortable seat that you can sit the way you want, or if you’re using sit-in kayaks, then a cozy cockpit.

These things are as important as material quality, that’s why Brooklyn kayaks are the one that has suitable seats, cozy cockpits for the sake of kayakers relaxation.


Here comes the most crucial part: affordability. No doubt, there are thousands of kayaks you can find online with just one click. The problem is the more features a kayak possesses, the more it will become pricey.

In short, if you’re searching for a kayak with all features, then you’ve to be ready for a high price.  We understand that not all people can buy expensive kayaks because they want to go kayaking on the weekend.

For that reason, Brooklyn kayaks are ideal for everyone because of affordability. You can find many Brooklyn kayaks with splendid features and at affordable prices.

Different Types of Kayaks

Other than quality, affordability, comfort, and good storage capacity, there is one more thing that you can find in Brooklyn products, which is variety. It has a wide range of kayaks; for fishing, touring, recreational, solo, or tandem.

Furthermore, the best thing is all products (kayaks) are excellent in quality. This means you can purchase any kayak without worrying about kayak durability, stability, and budget. here is the article recommended for you providing you the valuable information regarding the kayak weight limit and its importance.

Should You Buy From Them?

In the end, here comes the most crucial question: should you buy kayaks from them? We understand your fear as a consumer, and it is natural; there’s nothing wrong with researching a product before purchasing.

Moreover, the best way to analyze and decide about a product is to search the features a product possesses. But you don’t have to worry about spending your hours on kayak research.

We have done this for you and summarized the features above regarding kayaks from the Brooklyn company. Just go and search for the Brooklyn website and choose the kayak you want and buy. 

One more thing follows this procedure without any worry because Brooklyn kayak company is legit and trustworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Brooklyn kayaks any good?

Yes, Brooklyn kayaks are ideal for anyone who’s looking for a kayak with many features. These kayaks are available at an affordable price. There is a wide range of varieties, from solo to tandem and from fishing to touring kayaks.

Not only features and variety, but you can also find stability and durability in their kayaks. The reason is they make use of high-quality material while manufacturing kayaks.

Where are Brooklyn kayaks made?

As for manufacturing, the Brooklyn kayaks are manufactured in China.

What is the best tandem kayak?

These are the best Brooklyn tandem kayaks we recommend.

  • BKC (Brooklyn Kayak Company) TK122 Angler
  • BKC (Brooklyn Kayak Company) TK219

How much is a fishing kayak?

There is no exact price for fishing kayaks. Even though all fishing kayaks are the same and made for fishing purposes, the thing that makes them different from others is the features.

In short, the price of kayaks depends on features, length, comfortability, and stability. However, you can find fishing kayaks within the range of $700 to $1200 or even more.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you know all details about the Brooklyn kayak company reviews. All kayaks are excellent in quality durability and also offer the best features at an affordable price.  So choose any kayak you want.

Comment down below and share your experience with Brooklyn kayaks if you use them before. But you don’t have to worry about spending your hours on kayak research.