More on Toxic Sludge

October 29, 2018.  The following letter was recently published in the Citrus County Chronicle.

Shame on the Chronicle for the glaring omission from its October 17 Opinion endorsing Ralph Massullo, Jr. over Paul Reinhardt as State Representative for Florida House District 34.

While providing a good overview of the candidates positions on various issues, it failed to mention their positions on the proposed action to bring toxic sludge from Fort Myers for treatment in Crystal River.

Reinhardt has expressed strong opposition to this action while Massullo is one of only two county officials (the other being County Commissioner Jimmie Smith) who do not oppose it.

Voters may not agree with some of Reinhardt’s positions, however, he seems to be a strong advocate for clean water and the environment.  They may also appreciate Massullo’s advocacy and past efforts on behalf of water and the environment.  However, voters should have been informed that their positions relative to the toxic sludge issue was considered by the Chronicle in its endorsement.

It could be a game changer for some in determining which of the two to vote for.

Omitting this issue from the Opinion was inexcusable.  Given the recent extensive coverage of the sludge issue, it’s hard to believe it was inadvertent.

Gary Rankel