September 21, 2019.  The following letter was published in today’s Citrus County Chronicle.

Thanks to the Chronicle for alerting us to the disturbing prospect that LafargeHolcim, a Citrus County Chamber of Commerce member, is about to transport 30,000 tons of toxic sludge from the City of Fort Meyers to a quarry just north of Crystal River for treatment.

Does the Chamber support this move?  How about the County Commissioners?  How about the City of Crystal River?  How about our other elected representatives?

Who will be providing oversight on the sludge treatment process other than the LafargeHolcim people?  Are we to rely on Governor Scott’s notorious Department of Environmental Protection?

So far, Citrus County has avoided the toxic sludge mess that has devastated a large portion of the Florida Peninsula.  Do we really have to treat their befouled mess in the LafargeHolcim Quarry immediately adjacent to the Barge Canal and our precious inshore ecosystem?

The City of Fort Meyers reports that arsenic levels in their sludge generally fall below state standards – how reassuring!.  Who knows what else is in the sludge, and what percentage of it will find its way into our coastal waters?

It’s time for our community leaders to step up and do whatever it takes to keep Fort Meyers mess from becoming ours.

My vote in November will hinge on your response.

Gary Rankel

Gary Rankel, PackerYaker
1675 N Shadowview Path
Citrus Hills, Florida