Green Algae Nightmare

July 31, 2018.  The following letter was published in today’s Citrus County Chronicle.

My favorite guest columnist, Bob Knight, had another of his columns in the Chronicle’s Sunday Commentary section espousing the value of having healthy, flowing, unpolluted springs.  Adjacent to Dr. Knight’s column was a special to the Chronicle by John Moran highlighting the horrific conditions to our south where watershed mismanagement and nutrient rich runoff are again impacting ecosystems in Lake Okeechobee, the adjoining St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee Rivers and downstream coastal areas and communities as far away as St. Lucie to the east and Fort Myers to the west.

These toxic, guacamole-like summer slime events have become the new normal, bringing new meaning to the term “draining the swamp”, and leading to more reports of “dead zones”, fish kills, states of emergency and human health alerts.  Tourism is down, businesses are shutting their doors, people are being told to stay away from the water and long term health implications, especially for the very young, are causing much anxiety among parents.

Doctor Knight finished his column by encouraging us to vote for political candidates who are truly strong on enforcing environmental laws, and avoid voting for those who receive contributions from Big Business and Big Agriculture.

The problem is that I’ve yet to find a candidate who meets those criteria.  They all seem to place creating more business opportunities at the top of their priority list, not recognizing that having clean water is far more valuable to our tourism based local economy than any new business that could be brought in.

I’ll keep looking.

Oh, and in his column at the top of the page, I was glad to see that Mr. Mulligan avoided another encounter with one of our venomous vipers.  I’d miss his Out the Window columns.

Gary Rankel