GREAT WEBSITES – June 6, 2016.

My go-to fishing websites providing lots of great tips and info include, and

Weather-related Websites for this area that I check before heading out include:

(1) the Brighthouse Bay News 9 website (,

(2) a National Weather Service site (,

(3) a National Weather Service Marine Zone Forecast (,

(4)  a regularly updated live online weather station located near the end of Ozello Trail administered by Mr. Barry Schwartz at:, and

(5)  a new (May 2015) real-time weather station located at the Marine Science Station on the Salt River just below the Crystal River (

For tidal information, I prefer  because of the extra fishing-related information provided and the ease it provides in accessing data for different dates.


May 16, 2016 Fishing Report.  It’s getting warm out there – summer is just around the corner.  Get out there early and enjoy the comfortable temps before the blast furnace hits in a few weeks.  Don’t know what happened to the redfish this year – they’re few and far between, and when I do run into them, they just don’t seem to want to chew (at least on my topwater presentations which I stubbornly throw their way).  There are definitely more snook around, however.  We got close to a pod of dolphins out of Ozello the other day and watched them corner a school of mullet and crash into them.  Flying fish everywhere – was a blast to observe.